Megan L. Grant, CEO of A Plus Home Health Care (APHHC)

Early experiences often lay the groundwork for what the future will hold. For me, it started when I was only six months old. My dad suffered a major stroke and life as we knew it, changed forever. The stroke left him paralyzed on his right side and in need of assistance completing the day-to-day activities the majority of us take for granted.
megan grant

Growing up, I saw my mother caring for my father. When I was old enough, I assisted her with the caring for my father. As a teenager I sacrificed after school activities to assist my mom.

My mother stressed placing him in a nursing home was not an option. This was reinforced when my grandad moved in with us and was in need of assistance, again, nursing homes were not an option.

Caring for both family members in our home consisted of bathing, incontinent care, medication management, feeding, dressing, transportation and physical therapy. Assisting with these activities and administering insulin twice a day gave me an appreciation for providing in home care.

Over the years, my father’s health deteriorated. He had numerous mini strokes including one in his throat. This stroke left my dad eating pureed foods and unable to talk. Eventually, he had to get a G.I. tube for feeding purposes. There were countless hospital stays, nurse aides and family support. We provided care to him for over 19 years until he passed away in 2001.

I tried other careers where I consistently worked in management, however, none gave me passion like home health care. In 2008, a horrific accident provided a strange twist of fate. This provided me the opportunity to change my career path and finally follow my passion— working with people and health care. I took a nursing course and worked as a Personal Care Aide (PCA).

For two (2) years, I worked for a company providing care to patients with diverse diagnosis; I treated my clients like my own family members. After working as a PCA, I saw an opportunity to make a difference. I decided to open my own home health care company in 2011. I want my clients to feel like they were apart of my family, more than just a number. I empower my staff with the tools to treat each client as a member of the A Plus Home Health Care family.

I empower my staff and connect with our clients because I am not removed from being a caregiver. I can relate to the daily struggles of caring for an ill loved one. I continue to be an active caregiver by providing care for my mother, honoring her belief, a nursing home is not an option.

I thank you for the opportunity to provide you and your loved one superior in-home care.

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